First Time Home Buyer

Buying your first home is a big decision

The journey of purchasing your first home is a monumental decision. Your choice of property can either simplify or complicate your future aspirations, including upgrades and retirement plans. I have a proven track record of assisting numerous first-time buyers in securing their inaugural property, whether it’s for home stay or investment, encompassing a range of options from BTO, SBF, Resale HDB, EC, to Private Condo.
Even if you’re not ready to make a commitment right now, this is the perfect time to explore your options before making one of the most significant investments of your life. Instead of simply working to pay off your property, why not consider making your property work for you? Moreover, these informative sessions are offered completely free of charge and without any obligation, so there’s no reason to delay any further.

What You Need To Know

Many First Time Buyers have a lot of thoughts when it comes to deciding what should their first property be.

Case Study #1

Dan and Emily, both 34 years old, moved into a 4-room BTO in Punggol Matilda Portico back in 2016 after patiently waiting for four years for its completion. They invested approximately $60,000 into its meticulous renovation. In 2021, Dan reached out to me regarding a listing for an older 4-room HDB flat, expressing their desire for a larger living space. Sensing a deeper underlying concern, I arranged a meeting with them to delve into their situation further. After exploring various options together, they made the decision to sell their current home and upgrade to a resale 3-bedroom condominium.
The sale of their flat generated close to $300,000 in proceeds, enabling them to make a substantial downpayment for the resale condo. Remarkably, they still retained a surplus of about $100,000, serving as both a safety net and savings for unforeseen circumstances. This strategic asset progression significantly elevated their asset portfolio and contributed to a notable increase in their overall net worth.

Case Study #2

Sharon reached out to me regarding the sale of her late father’s 3-room flat. I provided guidance on the necessary procedures and steps to initiate the intent to sell. The unit’s condition was considerably worn, having undergone minimal renovation since the owner’s occupation 35 years ago. Recognizing the challenge in selling such a property, I conducted thorough market research to identify competitors and strategically listed the unit to align with my seller’s goals.
Within a mere two weeks, an offer came in. However, given the unit’s condition, the price fell short of the seller’s expectations. Through adept negotiation strategies and perseverance, I successfully facilitated multiple rounds of negotiations, ultimately securing the desired price for my client.

Case Study #3

Joy began her quest for her property purchase in 2020, with the mind to embark on her real estate investment journey at an early stage. However, the onset of the pandemic brought her property search to a halt. It was through a mutual friend that I had the opportunity to connect with her, and our discussions revolved around her aspirations in property investment.
Amidst the overwhelming options available in the market, Joy found herself uncertain about which development would be the best choice for her investment goals. Understanding the significance of this investment in yielding favorable returns in at least 3 years, I diligently assessed her situation. Leveraging a powerful technological tool designed for precise property selection, I was able to shortlist both resale and new launch properties tailored to her preferences.
Through careful consideration and utilizing this advanced tech tool, we narrowed down specific units that aligned perfectly with her objectives. Today, her property has seen a remarkable paper gain of $130,000, giving her a good start in her property investment journey.
This underscores the importance of your initial purchase, as it serves as the cornerstone for a smoother and easier journey in the future.

What you will gain?

The Financial Perspective
We delve deep into the financial aspects, providing a detailed breakdown that includes legal fees, cash requirements, and stamp duty. Our goal is to ensure you have a crystal-clear understanding of your financial position.
Strategic Wealth Blueprint
Our home-ownership plan is a straightforward yet potent strategy that outlines three specific steps to accelerate your wealth accumulation.
A Vision for the Future
We present a forward-looking roadmap that not only safeguards your present but also charts a path toward a secure and comfortable retirement.
Analyzing Options Effectively
We introduce three unique methods for evaluating your property options, helping you make the most prudent and secure choice for your unique situation.
Financial Clarity
Our simplified yet comprehensive financial analysis empowers you with valuable insights into your financial standing.
Vital Inquiries
We highlight the four most crucial questions you should always ask before making any property investment. These inquiries are drawn from real-life experiences and industry expertise.
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